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Welcome to Asico Real Estate

For more than 30 years, landlords across the country and overseas have trusted Asico Real Estate LLC. As Landlord's Property Manager, we take care of your properties and your tenant. We do more than manage properties, we deliver peace of mind. As a property management company in Dubai,UAE, we aim to provide the landlord with a stress-free experience and the highest return on investment for their properties. With a vast portfolio of properties under management, our highly trained staff in all aspects of managing properties is here to deliver our best services to you.

We can serve tenants and landlords since we are familiar with the market's pulse and have a strong network. Our clients don't need to worry because of our attentive service, practical knowledge, and expertise in adhering to laws and regulations, along with the most cutting-edge technology

Why Asico Real Estate LLC?

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As a locally owned Property Management Company, we have interest in confirming our developments not only to delight and compensate our own customers, but also to enhance and supplement the entire country.

High Returns From Asico

High Returns

We believe in win - win situation, our competitive service fee, low maintenance charges, high quality of customer relation and high occupancy rate always bring the high returns on investment.

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Our team can manage all matters relating to your property from payment collections to contract management, or creditor payments to invoicing and provide you with one merged statement at the end of each rental period.

high occupancy

High Occupancy

Dedicated leasing team has well planning in featured / premium advertisement, organized viewing, complete documentation and finalized moving dates ahead of tenancy expiration.

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Through our experience, we have developed strong relationship with skilled vendors and contractors who provide quality workmanship in a timely manner, giving you peace of mind that your property is in good hands and being well sustained.

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We believe happy customers are our best marketing strategy and customers are happier with businesses they can trust. So we ensure 100% transparency in communication and billing with our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I take care of my property myself?

The Asico Property Management team handles every part of running a successful property management and exclusive leasing business to reduce the burden and make it simpler for owners. We offer a comprehensive range of professional services, including marketing your property, selecting qualified renters, managing the paperwork, collecting payments, holding leasing inspections, maintenance, and repairing.

What are the main advantages of property management?

The owner's peace of mind is the primary advantage of having a property managed. Landlords may relax knowing that an unbiased third party is maintaining their assets, deposits, and tenants. Property managers will handle and manage any potential daily issues that may emerge, which may be very time-consuming.

Why Hire Property Management Companies?

There are many reasons why property owners work with property management companies. Some owners may have many rental properties in their portfolios, but they lack the time or knowledge to manage the properties' upkeep and tenant relations. Some property owners just care about owning rental homes and making money from them. They use qualified property managers in this situation. Property management services are often used by landholders. Occasionally, property owners that take part in affordable housing initiatives hire property management services. This is because, despite their desire to profit from programs for affordable housing, some owners lack the information necessary to participate in such programs, which necessitates familiarity with federal regulations.

What kind of services should landlords expect from property management?

1. The deposit is collected, stored, and protected.
2. The screening and collecting of documentation for tenants.
3. Complete inventory at check-in and check-out for tenants.
4. Viewings accompanied by potential tenants.
5. A premium marketing plan that includes marketing your property on all of the main property portals.
6. Creation of the lease contract.
7. Move-in preparation, such as painting, cleaning, pest control, and air conditioning inspection (any maintenance at an additional cost).
8. Connection to DEWA for both the landlord and the tenant.
9. Key transfer and tenant check-in.
10. Add the tenancy to Ejari.
11. A plan for collecting rent.
12. Taking care of delayed rent payments.
13. Accounting and reporting.
14. RERA compliance.
15. Maintenance and tenant management.
16. Contract renewal, including negotiating contract modifications

How frequently will properties be inspected?

In order to document the property's condition, the property management team conducts check-in and check-out inspections. The visual inspections are quite thorough and cover every inch of the inside and outside of the property. In addition, the appliances, fixtures, and general condition of the entire property are examined

How does a landlord get a rental increase on a property?

According to RERE law, an owner can only increase a unit's rent if the RERA Calculator approves of it. Based on the state of the market, the Dubai Land Department sets all rates under control. If a rental increase is allowed, it must be implemented 90 days before the contract expires to give the renter proper notice

What is the cost of hiring a property management firm?

The cost of hiring a property management company, can vary depending on the services they offer, the location of the property, and the number of units being managed. Typically, a property management company will charge a percentage of the rent collected, usually around 8–10%, as well as additional fees for specific services such as advertising or eviction proceedings

How can I communicate with my property manager?

Property management companies should have a clear and efficient way to communicate with their clients and tenants. This may include an online portal, e-mail, and phone support, and they should be easily reachable during normal business hours

What happens if a tenant fails to pay rent?

If a tenant fails to pay rent, the property management company will typically contact them to remind them of the overdue payment. If the tenant continues to miss payments, the company may begin eviction proceedings as per the legal guidelines of the place

How can I rent my property faster?

To guarantee that your unit will be rented out as soon as possible with the highest possible occupancy, it is essential to choose a property management service, such as Asico Real Estate, with a proven client base, outstanding agents with expertise in various areas, and proven strong credibility in the market